Woodstock English Honey


Woodstock English Honey, nestled in the heart of the countryside, offers a delightful range of honey products that capture the essence of their local landscape. Their bees gather nectar from a diverse array of wildflowers, fruit trees, and other native plants, resulting in honey that is delicious and a true representation of the area’s natural beauty.

Unique Offerings from Woodstock English Honey

  1. Variety of Honey Products: They offer an array of honey products, including the English Spring Honey Set and Natural English Honeycomb. Each product is carefully crafted to showcase the unique flavours and textures of honey produced by their bees.
  2. Handcrafted Honey Gift Sets: The Smith Gift Set is a perfect example of their commitment to quality and presentation, combining locally produced honey and honeycomb in an attractive package.

More Than Just Honey

  • Educational and Community Engagement: Woodstock English Honey is dedicated to educating and engaging with their community. They offer blogs, news updates, and recipes on their website, sharing their knowledge and passion for beekeeping.
  • Local Stockists and Accessibility: They have partnered with local stockists like Hunters Farm Shop and The Barn by Sarah Collins, making their products easily accessible to a broader audience.

Woodstock English Honey is committed to producing high-quality, locally sourced honey products. Their dedication to natural processing, community engagement, and sustainable beekeeping practices makes them a favourite among honey suppliers.

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