Wolf Honey Farm Inc

Wolf Honey Farm Inc

Wolf Honey Farm sells various honey products including raw and pasteurized honey in various sizes, as well as beeswax candles, honey candy, and lip balms made with beeswax and honey.

The mission of Wolf Honey Farm is to produce quality, natural, and wholesome foods made with honey, provide education on the health benefits of honey, and encourage protection of habitats for bees and butterflies.

Wolf Honey Farm is located at 578 US Highway 63 North in Baldwin, Wisconsin, which is in the beautiful St. Croix Valley region known for its lush fields of clover and wildflowers.

Wolf Honey Farm is owned and operated by Dale Wolf, a third generation beekeeper who learned the craft of beekeeping from his father. Dale has been keeping bees himself since 1970 and is a master beekeeper.

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