Wild Close Bees


Wild Close Bees is a family-run apiary in Woodgreen known for producing honey and beeswax products. They craft unique items such as jams from local seasonal produce, honey chocolates, fudge, and bee-themed silver jewellery.

In the summer months, it offers bespoke beekeeping experience days, providing a hands-on opportunity for those interested in learning more about beekeeping.

Unique Selling Points of Wild Close Bees

  1. Diverse Product Range: Beyond honey and beeswax, their offerings include homemade jams, honey chocolates, fudge, and handcrafted silver jewellery, showcasing their creativity and versatility.
  2. Beekeeping Experience Days: These bespoke experiences offer a unique opportunity for individuals to get up close and personal with beekeeping, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of this vital craft.
  3. Local and Seasonal Focus: Their commitment to using local seasonal produce for their jams and other products highlights their dedication to sustainability and community support.

More Than Just an Apiary

  • Educational Outreach: Through their beekeeping experience days, Wild Close Bees educates and inspires the public about the importance of bees and sustainable beekeeping practices.
  • Artisanal Approach: Their handcrafted jewellery and homemade food products reflect a deep appreciation for artisanal skills and local resources.
  • Community Engagement: By offering a range of products and experiences, Wild Close Bees fosters a strong connection with the local community, promoting awareness and appreciation for bees and beekeeping.

Wild Close Bees stands out for its dedication to producing high-quality honey and beeswax products, its unique range of handcrafted items, and its commitment to educating and engaging the community in sustainable beekeeping practices.

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