Twinways Orchard Honey


Twinways, located in Melplash, Dorset, offers a unique blend of beekeeping and orchard management, creating a harmonious environment for bees and apple trees. Their approach to beekeeping is deeply intertwined with their orchard, emphasizing the importance of pollination for their apple yields. This connection between bees and trees is a fundamental aspect of their business.

Unique Selling Points of Twinways Honey

  1. Diverse Floral Sources: Twinways maintains multiple apiaries around the area, providing a variety of floral sources. This diversity results in different honey styles that reflect Dorset’s unique flora.
  2. Distinctive Honey Batches: Each apiary site offers subtly distinctive honey. Twinways harvests each location separately, allowing them to offer spring and summer honey varieties that showcase the differences between microclimates across their selection of sites.
  3. Raw Honey Extraction: Their honey is extracted raw, preserving delicate flavours and volatile compounds often lost in heated extraction processes. This method ensures their honey retains its natural qualities and offers a unique taste experience.

More Than Just Honey

  • Courses and Education: Twinways offers educational content on honey and beekeeping, providing insights into their practices and the natural world.
  • Cider Production: Besides honey, they are also involved in cider production, using apples from their orchard. This diversification showcases their commitment to sustainable and integrated farming practices.
  • Community Engagement: Through its website and newsletter, Twinways engages with its community, sharing updates and insights into its unique approach to beekeeping and orchard management.

Twinways stands out for its integrated approach to beekeeping and orchard management, producing high-quality honey that truly reflects the Dorset landscape. Their commitment to raw honey extraction and sustainable practices makes them a distinguished producer in the world of honey and agriculture.

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