Tregothnan Cornish Estate

Tregothnan’s Cornish Estate Honey is a delightful 113g jar of pure, raw, and unpasteurized honey that captures the essence of Cornwall’s unique flora. The bees feast on a diverse range of flowers, including heather, geraniums, sweet peas, penstemons, and snapdragons, producing a gorgeously sweet and moreish honey.

This honey is perfect for drizzling over yoghurt, spreading on bread, or sweetening a cup of Tregothnan Tea. It’s a 100% pure Cornish delight, unpasteurized to preserve the natural flavours and enzymes, offering a true taste of Tregothnan’s commitment to quality and tradition.

A Tradition of Rare Plants and Fine Honey

  • Unpasteurized Goodness: The honey’s raw state ensures that all the natural benefits and flavours are preserved.
  • Floral Diversity: The variety of flowers on the estate contributes to the honey’s unique taste profile.
  • Historical Roots: Tregothnan has been nurturing rare plants since 1334, and their expertise in flora has extended to producing extraordinary honey.

Culinary Pairings and Uses

  • Versatile Sweetener: Ideal for enhancing the flavours in both beverages and culinary creations.
  • Artisanal Quality: Reflects Tregothnan’s artisanal approach to its produce, including the UK’s first tea grown in 1999.
  • Gift of Nature: Packaged beautifully, it makes for a thoughtful gift that shares the sweetness of Cornwall’s botanical heritage.

Tregothnan’s Cornish Estate Honey is not just a jar of honey; it’s an artisanal product that brings the rich biodiversity of Cornwall’s Tregothnan Estate to your table. It’s a testament to the estate’s long history of plant cultivation and a celebration of the natural beauty that thrives there.

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