South Durham Honey


South Durham Honey, founded by George Soppitt in 2007, is more than just a honey-producing business; it’s a story of passion, environmental awareness, and family tradition. George’s journey in beekeeping began as a hobby while working in horticulture and conservation at a special educational school. This hobby blossomed into a family business, deeply rooted in the appreciation of bees’ environmental importance and therapeutic benefits.

Unique Selling Points of South Durham Honey

  1. 100% Unblended Raw English Honey: South Durham Honey prides itself on producing pure, unblended raw honey, ensuring the highest quality and natural taste.
  2. Sustainable and Diverse Apiaries: Their main apiary is located near Whitworth Hall in Spennymoor, surrounded by Co Durham’s farmland and wildflowers along the River Wear. This location provides a rich and diverse source of nectar for the bees.
  3. Seasonal Honey Varieties: The bees are moved to the North Pennines during late July for heather honey production, a distinctive variety that captures the essence of Co Durham’s stunning landscapes.

More Than Just Honey

  • Environmental Contribution: By working with local farmers and nature reserves, South Durham Honey plays a vital role in pollinating crops and plants, contributing to the region’s ecological balance.
  • Family Business with a Heart: The transition from a hobby to a family business reflects their commitment and love for beekeeping and the environment.
  • Educational and Therapeutic Aspects: George Soppitt’s background in education and conservation highlights the educational and therapeutic aspects of beekeeping, making South Durham Honey a brand with a deeper purpose.

South Durham Honey is more than just a sweetener; it’s a testament to the natural beauty and biodiversity of Co Durham. Its unique taste, commitment to sustainable beekeeping, and the family’s passion for environmental conservation make it a distinguished name in the world of beekeeping.

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