Sassy Bee Honey

Sassy Bee Honey

Sassy Bee Honey sells raw, unfiltered honey from their apiaries in Oregon. They have several varietals of honey available including Wildflower, Blackberry, and Mint honey.

Sassy Bee Honey is based in Portland, Oregon. They operate apiaries around the Portland metro area to source honey from local flowers and plants.

Sassy Bee uses sustainable beekeeping practices to collect honey. They harvest honey using smoke to calm the bees and remove frames from hives. The honey is then extracted from the frames using an extractor but is not heated or filtered, leaving the honey in its raw, natural state.

In addition to their raw honey varieties, Sassy Bee also sells beeswax products like candles, lip balms, and salves. They aim to use as much of the beeswax from their hives as possible in these artisanal goods.

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