Queen Bee Honey Farm LLC

Queen Bee Honey Farm LLC

Queen Bee Honey Farm is located in Statesville, North Carolina. They specialize in honey production and beekeeping. The farm is owned by Queen Bee Honey Farm LLC and is situated at 119 Terry Springs Ln., Statesville, NC 28677.

On their website, you can find various sections, including Home, About Us, Honey Bees, Products, Photo Gallery, and Order Form. They also mention that their website was designed using Homesteadâ„¢, a website creation platform.

The About Us section provides information about the farm and their beekeeping activities. They mention that they are a third-generation beekeeping operation, and they are excited to welcome the 2024 season. They offer various bee-related products, including Nuc’s (nucleus colonies), Packages, Queens, and Complete Hives. These products are available for pickup, and customers are encouraged to place their orders.

Overall, Queen Bee Honey Farm is a beekeeping farm based in Statesville, NC, offering a range of honey bee products, including Nuc’s, Packages, Queens, and Complete Hives. They have a photo gallery showcasing their farm and beekeeping activities. Customers can place their orders through the provided order form.

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