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Porteath Bee Centre, located in Wadebridge, is more than just a beekeeping facility; it’s a vibrant centre for learning and experiencing the world of bees. The Centre started as a hobby in 1970 by Heather, who took over three hives from a local beekeeper. It has since evolved into a comprehensive beekeeping hub under the care of Heather and Eddie.

About Porteath Bee Centre

  • Started in 1970: Heather’s journey with beekeeping began when she took in three hives. Eddie joined her in this venture, and they expanded their beekeeping activities together.
  • Evolution into a Bee Centre: In 1987, they established Porteath Bee Supplies, selling beekeeping equipment, polishes, and candles. The Porteath Bee Centre was built two years later, and they opened the Living Honey Bee Exhibition.
  • Expansion and Community Engagement: The Centre has grown over the years, with the addition of the Beehive Tearoom in 1995, where visitors can enjoy morning coffee and cream teas.

A Destination for Bee Lovers

  • Living Honey Bee Exhibition: The Centre features an exhibition that educates visitors about bees and beekeeping, making it a perfect destination for those interested in learning more about these vital insects.
  • Range of Bee-Related Products: They offer a variety of bee-related products, including equipment, polishes, and candles, catering to both beekeepers and enthusiasts.
  • Beehive Tearoom: The Beehive Tearoom adds a charming touch to the Centre, providing a cosy spot for visitors to relax and enjoy the area’s scenic beauty.

Porteath Bee Centre is a testament to the passion and dedication of its founders. It stands as a beacon for beekeeping education and community engagement, offering a unique experience for anyone interested in the fascinating world of bees.

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