Petrics Bees & Honey

Petrics Bees & Honey

Welcome to Petric’s Bees, your go-to source for bees and honey sales in Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita, and Joliet, IL. This website is your gateway to high-quality bees and beekeeping supplies, serving various locations in the Midwest.

Petric’s Bees offers a range of beekeeping products to meet your needs. From single box hives with bees to 5-frame nucs and 3-pound packages of bees, they have everything you require to start or expand your beekeeping journey. Their hives come with healthy bees, brood of all stages, pollen, and honey, ensuring a strong and productive colony.

With a commitment to quality and fair pricing, Petric’s Bees provides you with the best bees available in the Midwest. When you purchase from them, you are supporting a family-owned and operated beekeeping operation that reinvests in the local community. Your support helps them provide for their family and contribute to the local economy.

Beyond bee sales, Petric’s Bees also offers educational resources and services to help you become a successful beekeeper. They have a team of knowledgeable beekeeping experts who are ready to assist and provide guidance along your journey.

Contacting Petric’s Bees is easy, either by phone or email. Their address is conveniently located in Adrian, MO. When you choose Petric’s Bees, you can expect personalized service and bees you can be proud of, ensuring honey production and pollination success.

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