Nook Farm Honey


Nook Farm Honey, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Cumbria, offers a delightful range of pure, raw, and unpasteurized British speciality honey. Their award-winning honey, including varieties like Cumbrian Wildflower, Yorkshire Heather, and Scottish Blossom, is a testament to the rich and unspoiled countryside where their bees forage. Beekeeper Helen Griggs maintains apiaries in the Kielder Forest area, close to Scotland, ensuring that each jar of honey is a unique product of this diverse and thriving ecosystem.

Unique Selling Points

  • Award-Winning Quality: Their Great Taste 2 Stars Award-winning honey is a mark of exceptional taste and quality.
  • Diverse Range: From the rare Cumbrian Wildflower to the robust Yorkshire Heather, each variety offers a distinct flavour profile.
  • Sustainable Practices: Committed to environmental stewardship, Nook Farm Honey minimizes plastic use, recycles materials, and uses renewable energy sources.

More Than Just Honey

  • Bee-Friendly Initiatives: Their commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices supports the health of bee populations and the local ecosystem.
  • Local and Artisanal: As a local producer since 2001, they offer a personal touch to their products, reflecting the unique characteristics of the Cumbrian landscape.
  • Community Engagement: Through their website and retail outlets, they connect with customers, sharing the story and benefits of their speciality jars of honey.

Nook Farm Honey stands out as a beacon of artisanal quality and environmental responsibility, offering a taste of Cumbria’s natural beauty in every jar.

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