Meyer Bees


Meyer Bees, located in Minooka, Illinois, is a comprehensive resource for all things beekeeping. Catering to the Chicagoland area, this family-owned business offers a full spectrum of beekeeping services and products. From package bees, queens, and nucs to complete hive setups and management, Meyer Bees is dedicated to supporting both novice and experienced beekeepers. Their commitment to honey production and processing, coupled with a wide range of beekeeping supplies, makes them a standout in the beekeeping community.

Why Meyer Bees is a Buzzworthy Choice

  1. Diverse Beekeeping Services: Whether you’re starting a new hive or managing existing ones, Meyer Bees provides everything from bees to full hive setups and management.
  2. Quality Honey Production: They specialize in extracting and bottling honey, ensuring a sweet, high-quality product every time.
  3. Educational Support: Offering beekeeping education and resources, they’re committed to spreading knowledge and passion for beekeeping.

More Than Just Beekeeping

  • Range of Products: Find everything from Italian Nucs and honey bee candy to beekeeping books and decorative items like bee hive Christmas ornaments.
  • Specialized Services: In addition to selling bees and beekeeping supplies, Meyer Bees offers honey extraction, drying, and bottling services.
  • Local and Accessible: Conveniently located in Minooka, IL, they’re a go-to source for beekeepers in and around the Chicagoland area.

Meyer Bees is more than just a supplier; it’s a community hub for beekeepers, offering quality products, valuable services, and educational support. Their dedication to the art and science of beekeeping, combined with their wide range of products and services, makes them an ideal addition to any directory of local honey suppliers in the USA.

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