Maine Street Bee

Maine Street Bee

Maine Street Bee is a website for a company that offers all-natural beeswax-based products, hand-crafted in Maine. The website features various sections and products that can be explored.

The “About” section provides information about the company, including details about their mission, values, and commitment to sustainability. It also highlights their corporate giving initiatives, showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact.

The “Shop” section allows visitors to browse and purchase their products. The online store offers a range of items, including lip balms, salves, honey, paw protector, candles, gift cards, gift boxes, and beeswax. Each product is crafted with all-natural ingredients, and the company emphasizes their eco-friendly packaging.

There is an interesting fact mentioned on the website, stating that it takes a hive of bees flying 55,000 miles and visiting 2,000,000 flowers to produce one pound of honey. This highlights the dedication and hard work of honeybees in creating this sweet and valuable product.

Visitors to the website can also join “The Hive” by signing up with their email address. By doing so, they become part of the Maine Street Bee community, receiving updates on new products, promotions, and company news. As a thank you, they receive a 10% discount code to use in the online store.

Contact information is provided for those who wish to reach out to Maine Street Bee via email or phone. The company is located at 125 US Route 1, Suite D, Freeport, ME 04032.

Overall, Maine Street Bee appears to be a website that offers high-quality, all-natural beeswax-based products, with a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship.

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