Llangattock Honey


Llangattock Apiaries, run by Anthony Smith, is a remarkable example of dedication to beekeeping. Anthony’s journey with bees began in South Africa, where he first learned about these fascinating creatures. However, the aggressive nature of the bees there posed challenges.

His beekeeping journey truly took off six years ago in the Middle East, where he started his first hive. In 2002, Anthony moved to Llangattock and established Llangattock Apiaries near the River Usk, embracing the more docile Buckfast breed of bees known for their high honey yield and mild temperament.

Anthony’s approach to beekeeping is rooted in natural practices. He believes in letting the bees do what they would in the wild, with minimal intervention. This philosophy extends to his views on honey production.

While he would like to label his honey as organic, he acknowledges the impossibility of tracking every bee’s foraging path. However, the absence of commercial crops nearby reduces the risk of pesticide and herbicide contamination, ensuring the purity of their honey.

Unique Aspects of Llangattock Apiaries

  • Pure Welsh Honey: Their main product is pure Welsh honey, which is 100% natural, healthier than sugar, nutritious, sustainable, versatile, and delicious.
  • Bee Products and Gifts: In addition to honey, they offer honey soaps, beeswax candles, and other products that make perfect gifts and support their hives.
  • Sustainability and Education: Llangattock Apiaries promotes a holistic and natural approach to beekeeping, focusing on renewable and sustainable practices and educating the public about the importance of honey bees.

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