Kypseli Family Honey LLC

Kypseli Family Honey LLC
  • The online store and information website for Kypseli Family Honey LLC, a family-owned apiary and honey farm located in Greenville, Delaware.
  • On the site, you can shop for raw, unfiltered wildflower honey products that are harvested three times per year from their bees foraging at Winterthur Garden and other local gardens.
  • Product options include 1lb jars of Spring, Summer, and Fall varietal honeys, as well as a three-jar set containing samples of each season.
  • Beyond shopping, the site shares their story as beekeepers, lists retail partners where honey can be purchased, and provides recipes and other educational content about honey.
  • Users can learn more about Kypseli Family Honey’s sustainable practices and relationship with the local community in Greenville. It aims to give customers a window into where their honey comes from.
  • This appears to be the central online presence and store for a small farm business producing specialty local honey just outside of Wilmington, Delaware.

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