Kenuc LLC (Central Oklahoma Honey farm)

Kenuc LLC (Central Oklahoma Honey farm)

Central Oklahoma Honey is a website dedicated to showcasing and selling pure, raw, and local honey. The farm, based in Harrah, Oklahoma, is owned and operated by a third-generation beekeeper with over 30 years of experience in raising honey bees. They take pride in their honey production and offer their honey and honey bee products to customers.

Central Oklahoma Honey emphasizes the purity and natural state of their honey. The honey is extracted directly from the honeycomb and packaged without any processing, adulteration, or pasteurization. It is strained, not filtered, allowing the local pollen to remain blended into the honey naturally. They mention that raw honey may crystallize faster than store-bought honey but can be easily brought back to a liquid state by heating it in a bowl of hot water or placing the jar in a sunny window.

The website provides information about the availability of their honey at various local store locations in the area. Customers can find Central Oklahoma Honey at establishments such as Beekeeping Etc., Chu Wu restaurant, The Health Patch, Nicoma Park Lumber, Farm Chicks, Okie Dokie Mercantile, Sarsaparilla, and Nacoma Park tag agency.

For those interested in beekeeping, Central Oklahoma Honey offers 5-frame Nucs of honey bees for sale. Customers can place their orders by calling the provided phone number, and the bees can be picked up at their Harrah location. The Nucs are accompanied by young laying queens and come in plastic Pro Nuc boxes.

The website also invites visitors to stay in touch by signing up for their newsletter to receive updates on specials and events. Central Oklahoma Honey participates in various events, including the Scissortail market on Saturdays from March to October and the Harrah Days celebration in Lions Park.

Contact information, including the farm’s address and phone number, is provided for customers to reach out with any questions or comments.

Overall, Central Oklahoma Honey showcases their commitment to producing pure, raw honey and offers products for both honey enthusiasts and aspiring beekeepers in the local community.

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