Hosey Honey

Hosey Honey

Hosey Honey, a family-operated business based in Midway, Kentucky, is renowned for its high-quality local raw honey. The Hosey family, including Richard, Dianne, and their sons David, Lance, Michael, and Sean, have grown their honey business significantly over the past decade.

They have established over 400 hives across Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida, and are continuously exploring new locations for beekeeping. Their commitment to producing exceptional raw honey has made them a popular choice for honey lovers, with customers knowing their address as a place to buy delicious honey just by ringing the doorbell.

Key Highlights of Hosey Honey

  1. Family-Run Business: Hosey Honey is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Hosey family, showcasing the success of a family-run venture in the world of beekeeping.
  2. Expansive Beekeeping Operations: With over 400 hives spread across multiple states, Hosey Honey demonstrates a significant presence in the beekeeping industry.
  3. Local Raw Honey: Their focus on producing local raw honey allows customers to enjoy the pure, unprocessed flavors that reflect the unique characteristics of the regions where the bees forage.

Hosey Honey’s approach to beekeeping and honey production highlights the importance of family involvement, dedication to quality, and the benefits of local, raw honey.

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