Hillside Beekeeping Supplies

Hillside Beekeeping Supplies

Hillside Beekeeping Supplies, located at hillsidebees.com, is a trusted supplier of beekeeping equipment and products in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Their website offers a wide range of beekeeping supplies and resources for both beginner and experienced beekeepers.

The homepage of the website provides easy navigation options, including links to different sections such as Home, Education, Shop, Clothing, Equipment & Supplies, Extracting/Bottling, Beekeeping Books, Gift Certificates, Specials, Beekeeping Links, About Us, and Contact.

Under the Education section, visitors can find valuable resources such as the Hillside Apiaries Blog, Online Bee Resources, and Incredible Bee Facts. These resources offer information, tips, and interesting facts about bees and beekeeping.

The Shop section is where visitors can explore and purchase various beekeeping products. They offer Bee Packages, Nucs & Queens, Hives & Wooden Ware, Honey Supers, Complete Hive Systems, Hive Parts, Clothing (including Suits & Jackets, Veils & Helmets, and Gloves), Electric Fencing Supplies, Equipment & Supplies (including Tools & Smokers, Extracting Supplies, Hive Parts & Supplies, Honey Bee Nutrition, and Feeders), Extracting/Bottling Equipment and Supplies, Beekeeping Books, Gift Certificates, and Specials.

The Beekeeping Links section provides links to relevant beekeeping associations and organizations, including the Merrimack Valley Beekeepers, NH Beekeepers Association, Capitol Area Beekeepers, Pemi-Baker Beekeeping Association, and Pawtuckaway Beekeeping Association. These links can be helpful for beekeepers looking to connect with local communities and resources.

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