Highgate Honey


Highgate Honey is a small, family-run business dedicated to producing high-quality honey while maintaining the health of their bees. Located in North London, they take pride in ensuring that all the honey they sell is made by their own bees in hives managed by them. This commitment to quality and traceability sets them apart, as they do not buy honey from other sources.

Unique Aspects of Highgate Honey

  • Honey Sommelier Expertise: One of the owners, Helen, is an Italian-trained Honey Sommelier. She brings a unique level of expertise to their honey production and offers in-person and online honey-tasting workshops.
  • Educational Outreach: Highgate Honey is passionate about educating the public about bees. They run workshops and have a free Facebook group dedicated to encouraging people to make small changes in their outdoor spaces to support all types of bees.
  • Local and Authentic: Their focus on local production ensures that each jar of honey is not just a sweet treat but also a representation of North London’s unique flora.

Highgate Honey stands out for its combination of expert knowledge, commitment to bee welfare, and dedication to producing authentic, locally sourced honey.

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