Hewett's Honey Farm

Hewett's Honey Farm

Hewett’s Honey Farm: A Sweet Tradition of Quality and Passion

Hewett’s Honey Farm, nestled in Duncanville, just 15 minutes south of Tuscaloosa, is a testament to the dedication and passion for organic honey production. Founded by Bill Hewett and his son, Geary, what started as a hobby in the 1970s has flourished into a thriving business. Their commitment to producing honey that is as near perfect as the bees can make it is evident in every jar. This commitment extends to ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase, offering replacements or full refunds if needed.

Unique Selling Points of Hewett’s Honey

  1. Organic and Pure: Specializing in organic honey, Hewett’s Honey Farm ensures that their product is 100% pure, unblended, and unpasteurized, maintaining its natural goodness and flavor.
  2. Personal Touch in Every Bottle: Each bottle of honey is filled, capped, and labeled by hand, adding a personal touch that goes along with every sale.
  3. Diverse Product Range: In addition to their honey, they offer honey straws, honey bears, honey candy, and honey soap, expanding their range to cater to various customer preferences.

More Than Just Honey

  • Global Reach: Despite being a local business, Hewett’s Honey has a global footprint, with a busy mail order service that even reaches customers in Japan, where organic honey is scarce.
  • Environmental Awareness: Their approach to beekeeping and honey production reflects a greater effort to eat all-natural, aligning with contemporary consumer preferences.
  • Community Engagement: The farm’s presence in local markets like the Manna Grocery & Deli in Tuscaloosa showcases their commitment to community engagement and local business support.

Hewett’s Honey Farm is more than just a producer of honey; it’s a story of a family’s love for beekeeping turned into a professional endeavor. Their focus on organic, pure honey, combined with a personal touch in every sale, makes their honey not just a product but a symbol of quality and passion.

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