Gooserock Farm - Local Honey

Gooserock Farm - Local Honey

Gooserock Farm, located in Montville, New Jersey, is a charming and picturesque farm nestled on the shores of Gooserock Pond. This idyllic setting serves as a haven for wildlife, including Canada geese that occasionally nest on the large rock in the middle of the pond. At Gooserock Farm, they are passionate about beekeeping and offer a range of high-quality honey and beeswax products.

he farm has a meaningful connection to the Semper Fi Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting Marines and their families. The website encourages visitors to make tax-deductible donations to this worthy cause and shares the story of Adrian, their son who was seriously wounded while serving in the Marine Corps.

Led by Landi, a certified Master Beekeeper, Gooserock Farm takes pride in producing raw, minimally filtered local NJ honey. Their honey has garnered numerous accolades at local, state, and regional shows. In addition to honey, they utilize beeswax from their colonies to create exquisite hand-crafted creams, soaps, lip balms, candles, and other crafts.

With around 100 colonies of honey bees spread across several apiaries in northern New Jersey, including Pine Brook, Towaco, Montville, and Boonton Township, Gooserock Farm demonstrates their commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices and the preservation of these essential pollinators.

Whether you’re seeking delicious honey, luxurious beeswax products, or simply want to support a family-owned farm that values nature and community, Gooserock Farm is a website worth exploring.

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