Garfield Honey Co.

Garfield Honey Co.

Garfield Honey Co., based in Indianapolis, Indiana, has been dedicated to producing raw local honey and nurturing bee populations since 2017. They have successfully sold thousands of pounds of honey to their local community, emphasizing a simple yet impactful approach: keeping it local, natural, and artisan.

Garfield Honey Co: A Blend of Local, Natural, and Artisan Honey and Hive Products

As advocates for pollinator populations, they not only produce artisan hive products but also work actively to help bees and enable people to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Their commitment to producing goods locally is driven by a passion for community service, as they are lifelong members of the Indianapolis community.

Local, Natural, and Artisan Approach

  • Local Production: Garfield Honey Co. is deeply rooted in central Indiana, with a focus on producing honey that reflects the unique flavors of the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Natural Hive Products: Their products are natural and unprocessed, ensuring that the honey retains all the beneficial compounds and pollen, just as the bees make it.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: The company takes pride in its artisan methods, from sustainably growing their apiaries to handcrafting all-natural Bee Balms personal care products.

More Than Just Honey

  • Beekeeping Education and Advocacy: Garfield Honey Co. extends its expertise through beekeeping education and selling starter colonies, fostering a new generation of beekeepers. They also actively advocate for pollinator populations, addressing issues affecting these critical species.
  • Personal Care Products: In addition to honey, they offer Bee Balms personal care products, made with natural beeswax and plant-based oils and butters.
  • Community Engagement: Their commitment to the Indianapolis community is evident in their efforts to produce honey locally and engage in public advocacy for bees and other pollinators.

Garfield Honey Co. stands out for its dedication to producing high-quality, local raw honey, its commitment to natural and sustainable practices, and its active role in beekeeping education and community advocacy.

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