Frank's Honey

Frank's Honey

Frank’s Honey is carefully hand-harvested and hand-extracted from hives lovingly cared for by Frank and his family in and around Ridgewood. Crafted from nature, this honey is poured fresh into bottles, ensuring exceptional quality and delightful sweetness for your table.

The honey products offered by Frank’s Honey include the signature 100% pure, raw, all-natural, local honey. Each jar contains the essence of Mother Nature’s nectar, allowing you to taste the difference. Additionally, Frank’s Honey utilizes their own beeswax to create other exquisite products such as lip balm and hand cream. The lip balm, made with Frank’s Honey beeswax, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, lanolin, vitamin E, and essential oils, is hailed as better than Burt’s Bees. The hand cream, enriched with Frank’s Honey beeswax, sweet almond oil, lanolin, E-Wax, water, optiphen (preservative), and essence of cucumber, rejuvenates and nourishes while soothing and conditioning dry, hard-working skin.

Frank’s Honey extends its offerings beyond individual use and provides custom-labeled products for wedding, bridal, and baby shower favors. This adds a touch of sweetness and uniqueness to special occasions.

For those interested in purchasing Frank’s Honey, it is available at select locations including Goffle Brook Farms, Olive R Twist, Creative Den, and The Village Tea Shop. Additionally, customers can conveniently order Frank’s Honey online for delivery.

Through fascinating bee facts and resources, Frank’s Honey educates visitors about the incredible world of bees, their honey-making process, and the benefits of beeswax candles. The website also provides information about Frank’s book, Bee Book, which is available worldwide wherever books are sold.

With Frank’s Honey, you can experience the pure goodness of locally sourced honey, handcrafted with care and a passion for bees. Explore the website to discover more about Frank the Beeman, his honey products, and the wonders of the bee world.

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