Epping Forest Honey Co


Epping Forest Honey Co. is a proud producer of raw, local English Honey, specializing in various raw honey to suit all tastes. Their honey is sourced from the natural landscapes of Essex and East London, offering a genuine taste of the local environment.

Embracing Local Flavors

Their commitment to producing genuinely local honey ensures that each jar captures the unique essence of the area’s flora. This approach supports local ecosystems and provides consumers with a distinct and authentic honey experience.

More Than Just Honey

  • Recipes and Pairings: Epping Forest Honey Co. goes beyond just selling honey; they offer creative recipes and pairings, like the delightful combination of ricotta, honeycomb, and hazelnut with rhubarb compote.
  • Educational Content: Their website includes informative sections about the differences between EU and non-EU honey, helping consumers make informed choices.
  • Community Engagement: Through their active social media presence, they connect with their customers and share insights into their honey production process.

Epping Forest Honey Co. is dedicated to producing high-quality, locally sourced honey, offering a taste of Essex and East London’s natural beauty in every jar.

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