Denholme Gate Honey


Denholme Gate Honey, founded by Andy and Julia, is a testament to the transformative power of passion. What began as a hobby flourished into one of Yorkshire’s larger honey producers, attracting global customers.

Their journey in beekeeping started under the mentorship of Mike and Liz, who imparted their extensive knowledge before retiring. Andy, an ex-engineer, and Julia, a former teacher, have since taken the reins, combining their skills to grow the business while staying true to their core values of bee preservation and education.

Educational Outreach and Beekeeping

Julia’s commitment to education shines through her regular school visits, where she shares her enthusiasm for bees and the challenges they face. Andy and Julia are also active in the community, promoting beekeeping and inspiring future generations of Yorkshire honey farmers.

Nestled in Bronte Country

Located in Thornton, the birthplace of the Bronte sisters, Denholme Gate Honey’s Hill Top Farm sits 1,000ft above sea level. The connection to the Brontes is not just geographical; Andy and Julia harvest honey from the heather of the moors that inspired the famous literary sisters, infusing their products with a touch of literary romance.

A Symphony of Flavors

Their bees forage on the diverse flora of Yorkshire, creating distinct honey varieties. Spring brings set honey from wildflowers and tree nectars, summer yields golden, runny honey from blossoms, and August sees the bees feasting on heather for rich, caramel-flavoured honey.

This seasonal cycle produces varied flavours and reflects Denholme’s dedication to preserving natural habitats and supporting pollination.

Denholme Gate Honey embodies a blend of tradition, passion, and environmental stewardship, offering a range of honey that is as rich in history and flavour as the landscapes they come from.

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