Collingtree Park Honey


Collingtree Park Honey, based in Northampton, UK, offers pure, unprocessed honey, harvested directly from their beehives. Their honey is a true representation of the local flora, as it is not pasteurized or blended, and is simply strained to remove wax particles from the honeycomb. The taste and colour of their honey vary depending on the season and available forage, providing a unique experience with each jar.

Emphasis on Natural Quality and Bee Welfare

  1. Pure and Unprocessed: Their honey is characterized by its natural state, ensuring that all the beneficial properties are retained. They avoid pasteurization and blending, focusing on delivering honey in its most authentic form.
  2. Bee Care and Ethical Practices: Collingtree Park Honey prioritizes the well-being of their bees. They use ‘Bee Gyms’ inside the hives to help bees clear mites and employ WBC hives for better insulation, reflecting their commitment to ethical beekeeping.
  3. Local Bee Breeding: They breed a local strain of ‘black’ bees, Apis Mellifera Mellifera, and are members of various beekeeping associations, emphasizing their dedication to improving the quality of honey bees.

Additional Insights

  • Honey Analysis and Transparency: Collingtree Park Honey participates in the UK’s National Honey Monitoring Scheme, submitting their honey for analysis, which underscores their commitment to quality and transparency.
  • Educational Efforts: Their website provides valuable information about honey fraud and adulteration, educating consumers about the importance of pure honey.
  • Community Engagement: They offer their honey for sale directly from their location in Northampton, encouraging local community interaction and support.

Collingtree Park Honey stands out for its dedication to producing pure, unprocessed English honey, combined with a strong commitment to ethical beekeeping practices and community engagement. Their focus on natural quality and transparency makes them a distinguished local honey producer.

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