Chilcotts Farm

Chilcotts, in North Devon, is a delightful place where the love for nature and sustainable living comes to life. While it’s no longer a working farm, it serves as a home where fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown, and a small flock of chickens, ducks, and geese provide a steady supply of eggs.

The bees play a crucial role not only in pollinating the crops but also in producing honey and beeswax products. The farm offers local Devon honey for sale, made by bees collecting from Bickington & Fremington, ensuring a truly local and authentic taste.

Unique Aspects of Chilcotts Farm

  1. Local Devon Honey: The honey produced here accurately represents the Devon landscape, with bees collecting nectar from local sources in Bickington and Fremington.
  2. Sustainable Living: The farm’s approach to growing its own fruits and vegetables and being self-sufficient in eggs reflects a commitment to sustainable and self-reliant living.
  3. Community Engagement: Chilcotts Farm engages with the local community by selling surplus produce online for collection directly from the farm, fostering a close-knit community spirit.

More Than Just a Farm

  • Educational Outreach: Through their latest bee news and updates, Chilcotts Farm educates the public about beekeeping and the importance of local honey production.
  • Diverse Product Range: Besides honey, the farm produces a variety of jams, pickles, and other homemade products, showcasing their versatility and commitment to using their produce creatively.
  • Personal Touch: As a home rather than a commercial farm, Chilcotts Farm offers a personal touch, focusing on quality and care in everything they produce.

Chilcotts Farm is dedicated to sustainable living, local honey production, and community engagement.

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