Champlain Valley Apiaries

Champlain Valley Apiaries

Welcome to Champlain Valley Honey, a delightful website dedicated to showcasing the exceptional honey produced by Champlain Valley Apiaries in Middlebury, Vermont. The website’s clean and straightforward design immediately sets a warm and inviting tone, reflecting the natural goodness of their honey.

Champlain Valley Apiaries has been crafting high-quality honey since 1931, and their expertise shines through each jar they offer. They pride themselves on blending their Vermont honey with premium honey from the United States and Canada, resulting in a light-colored honey with a delicious and delicate flavor that has captivated customers for over 80 years.

Whether you prefer raw, naturally crystallized, or liquid honey, Champlain Valley Honey has you covered. Their online store provides a wide range of honey products to satisfy every taste bud. From 2.25 lb glass jars of raw naturally crystallized honey to their Cheese & Honey Sampler, they offer delightful options that are perfect for gifting or indulging yourself.

But Champlain Valley Honey doesn’t stop at honey alone. They also offer a variety of other products to enhance your honey experience. From books and body & bath products to candles & wax, maple syrup, and even cheese, their selection is diverse and enticing. They also provide resources, including recipes, to inspire creative ways to incorporate honey into your culinary adventures.

With its dedication to quality, tradition, and the art of beekeeping, Champlain Valley Honey’s website is a delightful destination for honey enthusiasts and those seeking the finest honey products. Explore their offerings, learn about beekeeping in Vermont, and indulge in the natural sweetness that their honey brings to your life.

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