California Honey Company

California Honey Company

California Honey Co. is a premier destination for premium varietal honey with a California twist. This website showcases a collection of the finest regional honey harvests from across the golden state, each offering a unique flavor profile based on the region and blossoms the bees forage from.

With their roots as beekeepers dating back to 1985 in Southern California, California Honey Co. is committed to supporting local apiaries in the sunshine state. They bottle each jar of honey with love and dedication, ensuring that the quality and taste are exceptional.

The website features an array of honey varieties, including Creamy Cinnamon, Wildflower, Orange, and Sage, each with its own distinct characteristics and taste. Customers can explore these options and make a choice based on their preferences.

California Honey Co. takes pride in sustainably sourcing their honey from California beekeepers, emphasizing their commitment to environmental stewardship. By choosing their honey, customers can not only indulge in delicious flavors but also support local beekeeping and the preservation of bee populations.

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