Bushwood Bees


Bushwood Bees, located in London, specializes in producing raw, local English honey and offers a unique beekeeping experience. They are dedicated to ethical beekeeping practices and producing pure, raw honey that retains all its natural goodness. Their honey is sourced from their own hives in various locations around London, including Leytonstone, Wanstead, Redbridge, and more, ensuring a genuine local flavour.

Unique Selling Points of Bushwood Bees

  1. Award-Winning Honey: Bushwood Bees has been recognized as the Honey Specialist of the Year for the London & South East England regions. Their honey has won numerous awards, reflecting its exceptional quality and taste.
  2. Ethical Beekeeping Practices: They focus on ethical beekeeping, ensuring the bees are well cared for and only the excess honey is harvested, leaving enough for the bees.
  3. Local and Raw Honey: Their honey is unheated and untreated, preserving all the natural goodness. It contains local pollen, which many customers use for seasonal allergies, including hay fever.

More Than Just Honey

  • Beekeeping Experience Days: Bushwood Bees offers unique beekeeping experience days, allowing individuals to get up close with honeybees and learn about beekeeping in an iconic rooftop setting in East London.
  • Beekeeping Courses: They provide practical beekeeping courses, imparting hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge to aspiring beekeepers.
  • Variety of Products: Besides their raw local honey, they offer infused honey varieties, showcasing their commitment to product diversity and innovation.

Bushwood Bees stands out for its commitment to producing high-quality, locally sourced honey, combined with their dedication to ethical beekeeping practices and community engagement through educational experiences and courses.

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