Bucks County Honey Co.

Bucks County Honey Co.

About the Farm:
The Willauer Family has operated a multi-generational farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for over four generations. In addition to traditional farming, they have recently expanded into value-added products like Black Angus beef and honey from their own hives.

The Willauer Farm Store sells locally-raised Black Angus beef and various seasonal varieties of raw honey produced on their farm in Bucks County. The honey is harvested, selected, and packaged in small batches to ensure quality. They work with local beekeepers and apiaries.

Health Benefits:
The website notes that honey has long been used as both a food and topical medicine to potentially aid conditions like allergies, digestive issues, ulcers, wounds, and burns due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Raw honey from their region may have localized pollen that provides allergy relief.

Online Shopping:
While an online store is mentioned, the details are not yet available on the current site. It suggests checking back for further updates to the site and their e-commerce capabilities to purchase products like their honey and beef remotely.

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