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BS Honey Bees, situated in the picturesque Cotswolds countryside near Gloucester, is a premier specialist supplier and breeder of Buckfast Bees. They offer a wide range of beekeeping products and services, including National 5 / 6 Frame Nucs, F1 Buckfast Queens, and F1 Carniolan Queens. Their reputation for providing the highest quality bees in the UK market makes them a go-to source for both novice and experienced beekeepers.

Unique Aspects of BS Honey Bees

  1. Specialization in Buckfast Bees: They are known for their exceptional Buckfast Bees, nurtured to thrive in various conditions. These bees are the result of the pioneering breeding work of Brother Adam, who aimed to create the “perfect bee.”
  2. Quality Queen Bees: Offering F1 Buckfast and Carniolan Queens, BS Honey Bees ensures beekeepers have access to high-quality, productive queens for their hives.
  3. Comprehensive Beekeeping Support: They provide helpful support and guidance for both new and experienced beekeepers, ensuring a successful beekeeping experience.

More Than Just Bees

  • Beekeeping Equipment: BS Honey Bees also supplies a range of beekeeping equipment, including innovative poly nuc boxes and hives.
  • Educational Resources: Their website features a blog with news and updates, providing valuable information and insights for beekeepers.
  • Honey Production: They offer limited bulk honey in stock, showcasing their commitment to not just breeding bees but also producing high-quality honey.

BS Honey Bees stands out for its dedication to beekeeping excellence, offering top-tier bees and beekeeping equipment, coupled with expert guidance and support.

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