Beehive State Honey

Beehive State Honey

Beehive State Honey: Embracing the True Essence of Honey

Beehive State Honey, dedicated to preserving the natural integrity of honey, emphasizes the importance of “Cold Extracted” honey. This process ensures that the honey remains unprocessed, retaining all the beneficial enzymes, probiotics, and nutrients.

Beehive State Honey’s approach is a stark contrast to commercial honey production, which often involves heating, pasteurization, and filtration, stripping honey of its natural properties. They highlight the detrimental effects of heating honey and the common industry practices that degrade its flavor and nutritional value.

The Importance of Cold Extraction

Beehive State Honey’s commitment to cold extraction is rooted in the belief that honey should be consumed in its most natural state. This method preserves the honey’s antimicrobial properties and natural shelf life, maintaining its superfood status with various sugars, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The Problem with Commercial Honey

The site explains that most commercial honey is heated and filtered, sometimes to the extent that it barely resembles its original form. This process is driven by packaging costs and consumer preferences for clear, consistent honey, often resulting in a product that is little better than corn syrup.

Beehive State Honey’s Commitment

Beehive State Honey is committed to offering honey that is never heated or filtered, preserving the vibrant flavors and delicate properties of raw honey. Their dedication to bringing customers the very best reflects a deep respect for nature’s intentions and the health benefits of truly natural honey.

Beehive State Honey stands out for its dedication to producing honey that is as close to nature as possible, challenging the norms of commercial honey production and advocating for the health benefits of unprocessed honey.

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