Bedfordshire Honey

The Store UK offers a delightful range of honey, sourced directly from Bedfordshire’s rich and diverse flora. Their honey is a natural and wholesome product, made just a few miles from Sandy. The primary sources of forage for the bees are oilseed rape and field beans, along with various hedgerow flowers, contributing to the unique flavour profile of the honey.

Key Features of The Store UK Honey

  1. Local and Natural: The honey is produced locally in Bedfordshire, ensuring freshness and a distinctly regional flavour. It’s a natural sugar alternative, increasingly popular for its health properties.
  2. Variety of Options: Customers can choose between runny honey, perfect for drizzling, and set honey, ideal for spreading. Both varieties offer the natural sweetness and health benefits of honey.
  3. Refill Option for Sustainability: The Store UK provides a unique ‘honey on tap’ service, allowing customers to refill any jar, promoting zero-waste and environmental sustainability.

More Than Just Honey

  • Health Benefits for Hay Fever Sufferers: Some people find that regularly consuming local honey, like that from The Store UK, helps reduce hay fever symptoms.
  • Commitment to Zero Waste: The refill option aligns with The Store UK’s commitment to zero waste, reducing packaging and promoting sustainable consumption.
  • Community-Centric Approach: The Store UK’s focus on local produce and sustainable practices reflects their commitment to the community and the environment.

The Store UK’s honey is more than just a sweetener; it’s a testament to the natural beauty and biodiversity of Bedfordshire. Its unique taste, combined with sustainable practices and a focus on community well-being, makes it a must-try for honey lovers and those who appreciate locally sourced, natural products.

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