Barnet Honey

Barnet Honey, a family-run honey farm in Borehamwood, UK, is dedicated to producing high-quality, locally sourced honey. Their commitment to traditional beekeeping practices and the well-being of their honey bees is evident in every jar of their delicious and unique honey.

Embracing Natural Beekeeping

At Barnet Honey, the focus is on using natural and sustainable methods to manage their hives. They avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals, ensuring the health and safety of their bees. This approach not only benefits the bees but also results in honey that is raw, unfiltered, and rich in natural enzymes and nutrients.

Transparency and Community Engagement

The farm values transparency and honesty in its business practices, providing customers accurate information about their products and processes. They welcome questions and inquiries about their honey and beekeeping methods, reflecting their commitment to building long-lasting relationships with their customers and the community.

Unique Honey Flavors

The bees at Barnet Honey gather nectar and pollen from various plants, resulting in honey with distinct and delightful flavours. This diversity in taste showcases the natural variety of the local flora and the farm’s dedication to preserving the authenticity of their honey.

Barnet Honey stands out for its passion for traditional beekeeping, commitment to natural and sustainable practices, and dedication to producing high-quality, locally sourced honey.

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