Ashworth Honey


Ashworth Honey, founded by Tony, a former secondary school science teacher, and Ailia, an IT professional, is a unique blend of education, beekeeping, and ecological awareness. Tony’s journey in beekeeping began about 15 years ago and has since evolved into a passionate endeavour. As a member of Meridian Beekeepers, he leverages his 30 years of teaching experience to educate novice beekeepers in both the art and science of beekeeping.

Educational Outreach and Beekeeping Expertise

  • Teaching and Training: Tony combines his teaching skills with his knowledge of bees to offer comprehensive beekeeping education, including hive adoption for businesses, apiary setup, staff training, and bee experiences.
  • Ailia’s Contributions: Ailia, while working full-time in IT, assists in various aspects of beekeeping, including frame making, queen finding, swarm collection, and more. She also manages jarring, labelling, packaging, and marketing and provides most images for their website and talks.

More Than Just Honey

  • Bee as a Swarm Whisperer: Their son, known as “Bee,” is involved in hive construction inspections and has a unique talent for calming anxious onlookers during swarm collections.
  • Community Engagement: The family’s involvement in beekeeping extends to delivering talks and sharing their extensive knowledge with children and adults.

Ashworth Honey is not just about producing honey; it’s about fostering a community of bee enthusiasts and spreading awareness about the importance of bees and sustainable practices in beekeeping.

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