Honey Next Door

Honey Next Door

Welcome to Honey Next Door, your source for natural honey from local Atlanta bees. This website is dedicated to providing you with pure, raw honey and other bee products while supporting a healthy population of honeybees in the urban ecosystem.

Honey Next Door keeps beehives in various Atlanta neighborhoods, including Buckhead, Candler Park, Oakhurst, Druid Hills, Inman Park, Virginia Highlands, and more. By maintaining beehives in these local areas, they are able to offer hyperlocal honey products while contributing to the well-being of honeybees in the city.

When you choose Honey Next Door, you can enjoy the benefits of unheated, unfiltered, and unadulterated honey. Their products are chemical-free, including honey, soap, beeswax candles, and lip balms. They pride themselves on their commitment to providing high-quality bee products that are not only delicious but also support your well-being.

In addition to honey, Honey Next Door offers organic elderberry syrup, beeswax candles, and organic lip balms made from beeswax. These products are carefully crafted to ensure purity and quality.

You can find Honey Next Door’s products at local merchants such as The Beehive, Wahoo Wine and Spirits, Murphy’s, and more. They also participate in various farmers markets in Atlanta, including Morningside Farmers Market, Ponce City Market Shed Market, Decatur Farmers Market, and East Atlanta Farmers Market.

Support local beekeeping and indulge in the natural goodness of Atlanta’s own honey by visiting Honey Next Door’s website. Experience the flavors and benefits of pure, raw honey while contributing to the preservation of honeybee populations in the city.

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